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A note from our SPROCKIT Sync SV hosts at Google

The following note is from Head of News and Local Media, Partnerships at Google, Chrissy Towle. Google graciously hosted SPROCKIT Sync SV — for a second year in a row — for our current class of SPROCKIT startups and alumni. See what our host had to say about this year’s event below.

Google is ecstatic to have hosted another successful SPROCKIT Sync at Google headquarters. From thought provoking

Chrissy Towle, Head of News and Local Media, Global Partnerships, Google

presentations to engaging  1:1 meetings, the SPROCKIT community flourished at our Mountain View campus.

Google has been a SPROCKIT corporate innovator since the early years of the program, including the SPROCKIT Sync meeting hosted by Google at Stanford University in the summer of 2014. Since those early days, SPROCKIT and Google have grown and innovated together.

Today, Google is proud to offer Google Cloud services to SPROCKIT companies — along with an an energetic environment in the heart of Silicon Valley for Sync events.

As far as the companies that we saw this year, it is tough to pinpoint the companies that made the biggest impression because each company came with a unique solution or product. However, because I lead our News & Local Media team it was the startups that could provide a real value to news publishers that got me most excited.

Specifically, Liftignigter has built a content recommendation engine. The founder actually built the YouTube recommendation engine and I am very excited to go deeper. We regularly hear from our top news publishers that they could use additional help with content recommendation. This could be a great way for our news publishers to increase content consumption on their site.

Another SPROCKIT startup that caught my eye was Countable. They have created a platform and newsroom that empowers civic initiatives to engage deeply with their audience and take action. I think this will have a positive impact for news publishers, but most importantly for society as it leads to a more active and engaged community.  

Overall we had yet another productive day with all of the SPROCKIT community and look forward to the next connection this fall in New York.