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One of our core goals at SPROCKIT is to foster collaboration. We encourage community innovation, and this year we called upon our very own SPROCKITeers to bring panels from the Destination NXT stage at NAB Show 2018 to you! Alumni Switchboard Live and Wildmoka teamed up with current SPROCKIT company Streann Media to live stream our content around the world. Read how the collaboration train got rolling from the words of the conductors: Streann Media CEO Gio Punzo, Switchboard Live CEO of Rudy J. Ellis, and Wildmoka Head of Sales and Revenue John Van Wagner.

How did your company get involved in the SPROCKIT Hub @ NAB Show collaboration?

Streann Media – We were introduced to the SPROCKIT ecosystem by alumni Switchboard Live. We went through an interview process and are happy we were selected.

Switchboard Live – Has been a part of SPROCKIT since 2015, including, coming back as an alumni at the inaugural SPROCKIT Suite @ Las Vegas and the SPROCKIT Hub @ NAB Show 2018.

Wildmoka – We have worked with SPROCKIT for about two years now as a start-up and alumni company, and our live clipping & publishing platform was an ideal way for SPROCKIT to cut highlight clips of the full-length SPROCKIT panels.  When the idea was floated of live streaming the panels, it was natural (and easy!) to reuse that live stream to cut and publish highlights to drive awareness in social media and on SPROCKIT’s site.

What was your company’s role in the collaboration process?

Streann Media – We help content providers distribute their live or video on-demand content to web, iOS, android, Roku, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and really anywhere. We also help customers engage with end users with our app editor and interactive features. This helps users monetize with our patent pending technology. In the collaboration process we streamed the entire NAB panels to the SPROCKIT website — I must say flawlessly. We used LiveU (my former employer) to send the live video to Switchboard and took the live video to send back to the SPROCKIT website.

Switchboard Live- We were the live stream service provider for a number of SPROCKIT panels that took place on the Destination NXT stage. By working with fellow SPROCKITeers to get their social media accounts authorized in our Cloud platform, we were able to record and simulcast their panel discussions to the social media destinations of their choosing. This meant that a company’s panel could be live streamed to their Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope channels at the same time — increasing the views and engagement on the video!  

Wildmoka – We forged a good relationship with Rudy, the CEO of Switchboard Livve, going back to Wildmoka’s very first SPROCKIT Sync event in 2017. As we become familiar with each other’s solutions, it was a simple and seamless experience to collaborate with Switchboard Live on the video workflow from live stream to video ingest, to clip and publish.

Why is collaboration important?  

Streann Media – Our open architecture allows us to integrate with anyone anytime. This collaboration was a key example of how flawlessly we integrated and streamed during NAB Show. Collaboration allows you to partner with new companies that are part of the video workflow ecosystem. Not everyone can do it but the three of us pulled it off, which speaks highly of the companies involved.

Switchboard Live – One goal of any company, large or small, is to create a product that best serves the end user. At Switchboard Live, we love sharing our product simply because we believe it is a great solution to many live streaming quandaries. Through collaboration with fellow SPROCKITeers, we are able to share our product, learn about each company, AND give and get feedback on each other’s products. It’s so great when companies can come together to create an amazing service/ product, but still be able to walk away with valuable insight and a lasting relationship.

Wildmoka – Collaboration allowed Wildmoka to showcase our technology in a very real way at NAB Show, in real-time.  Doing demos is one thing but live executions create those “a-ha” moments among potential customers. Further, collaborating with other SPROCKIT companies shows the value of the SPROCKIT Hub as more than an assembly of individual companies but a pool of new, compelling technologies which have natural synergies. Aside from the live collaboration at NAB Show, there is also good value for Wildmoka to have our clients visit us and introduce them to other startups.  

Had you worked with the other companies prior to collaborating at NAB Show?

Switchboard Live – Yes. For this NAB we teamed up with Wildmoka & Streann to help bring in their expertise to provide an additional value add to the SPROCKIT NAB Live experience. That is one of the benefits of being apart of a family like SPROCKIT; being able to service partners with the core goal of servicing the client in mind.

Wildmoka – If you mean other SPROCKIT startups, no, but we have engaged with several startups on “new customer discovery” opportunities (including Switchboard Live and Stainless Code).

Did the opportunity open any new doors for your companies (ie. increased visibility, new collaboration ideas, new partnerships, etc)?

Streann Media – NAB Show with SPROCKIT opened up new opportunities with large media companies and we are in second rounds of communication. The video workflow was a true test of how easily we can distribute content anywhere. We absolutely used this case study and had lots of discussions with new and current customers about the reliability of the solution.

Switchboard Live – The biggest take away from the show for me was the high level and overall quality of conversations. Our first year of exhibiting at NAB Show was in 2015 and the bulk of our conversations were centered around us explaining the services we provide and how our product can help them achieve their goals. I attribute the higher level of conversations this year to an educated market, platform fragmentation, as well as customers looking to adopt easier workflows for distribution and syndication to their various social networks.

Wildmoka – Yes, we had several unscheduled, “fly-by” meetings with new client prospects, who either discovered us after visiting another company or said they were told by others to stop by the SPROCKIT Hub and see us. Being a part of the alumni program this year provided us a home at NAB Show. It gave us a great opportunity to meet new client prospects (and existing clients too!) as well as meet new startups whose technology could be interesting and complementary to Wildmoka.

Want to get on board the SPROCKIT collaboration train? We’re accepting applications to SPROCKIT through June 8. Email with referrals. We are particularly interested in startups focused on:

  • artificial intelligence
  • advanced advertising
  • blockchain for media
  • workflow tools and solutions
  • edge computing
  • audience engagement

As a reminder, startups should be able to solve a pain point for corporate members, have a minimum viable product and a reference client.