STARTUP SPOTLIGHTSDigital Media Wire Daily | Spotlight on SPROCKIT: Q&A with CEOs of Startups Focused on Content Management

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest article provided by the NAB Show.]

Today, we’re continuing our Q&A series with SPROCKIT participants by highlighting the founders and CEOs of featured organizations specializing in content management – Collective[i], Localytics and Standard Media Index. They’ve given us their thoughts on the SPROCKIT program, the media industry at-large, some interesting facts about themselves, and their plans for company growth (one CEO aims to be running at over $400M+ in revenue by 2016). Check them out in the SPROCKIT Hub (C1326) at NAB Show, April 6-11 in Las Vegas.

Heidi Messer, Co-Founder & Chairman, Collective[i] Headquarters: New York, NY

Collective[i], in Heidi’s words:
“Collective[i] turns Big Data into insights and revenue. Collective[i] enables executives, managers and employees to win by making smarter data-driven decisions.”

What do you hope to gain from SPROCKIT and how do you believe it will help your company to grow?

SPROCKIT is highlighting visionaries at the NAB, a conference known to attract business leaders and we are so pleased to have been selected. Our goal is to generate awarenessaround Collective[i]‘s vision and capabilities bygenerating and democratizing insights from Big Datathat lead to strategic advantages for broadcasters looking to compete in the new digital, data-driven economy. In the process, we are excited to strike new partnerships and acquire clients who want to dramatically improve their sales operations and marketing.

How would you describe your office culture?

Smart and driven. Collective[i] is a team of incredible people, who beyond being talented and focused, possess a genuine passion to take on big challenges. The people who work at Collective[i] come from all over the globe.

They are scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators with a diverse set of life experiences; all extraordinary in different ways, and all looking to make a difference. But what everyone has in common is a desire to win and the hunger to make it happen. We strive to maintain a culture that rewards individual excellence with an eye towards achieving the collective goals of the company. We work hard to nurture an environment that encourages openness, communication, and individual growth so that our employees and clients end up better, smarter, and more successful.

How do you see the media and entertainment industry changing in the next 5 years?

Traditional media companies currently have the advantage of superior content; however, most lack the sophisticated tools of their Internet competitors to fully demonstrate this value. The margin for error in the next few years will get slimmer and slimmer so in order to protect their content assets, their sales, marketing and customer service operations will have to be flawless. Viewers, listeners and advertisers will expect that their providers and partners will not waste their time or budgets, and a whole host of competition from non-traditional sources will be waiting to take advantage of mistakes. The companies that win will look to Collective[i] and others for the vision that will help them capitalize on their greatest asset, and not get distracted trying to keep up with tools to manage the proliferation of data about the preferences of their customers.

Raj Aggarwal, CEO, Localytics Headquarters: Boston, MA

Localytics, in Raj’s words:
“Localytics is a mobile-first marketing and analytics platform that helps brands maximize engagement and profit from mobile app marketing.”

What do you hope to gain from SPROCKIT and how do you believe it will help your company to grow?

We are just so thankful to the NAB for starting the SPROCKIT program and giving up-and-coming companies like us the chance to share our product and successful customer stories with some of the best in the media and entertainment businesses. It’s very humbling and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this!

What are three words your employees would use to describe you?

I think my employees would describe me as focused, motivational and passionate.
What was the impetus or Aha! moment that inspired you to start your company?

I was quite familiar with the mobile space, based on my experience consulting with Apple on refining the business model for the iPhone. I realized the potential that the growth of mobile held for brands, especially for brands. And when I met my co-founders Henry Cipolla and Andrew Rollins, they recognized the opportunity from a different point of view in that they knew this paradigm shift called for a completely different approach to storing and analyzing data. It was really the combination of seeing the technical and business implications of the explosive growth of mobile that sparked the idea to build this company.
Sue Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index Headquarters: New York, NY

Standard Media Index, in Sue’s words: “SMI’s transformational technology and data enables you to see your own business more clearly and provides an accurate, timely picture on competitive ad spend.”

What do you hope to gain from SPROCKIT and how do you believe it will help your company to grow?

Networks and Broadcasters make up over 40% of our customer base and NAB can build awareness of SMI data and technology solutions.

Name three milestones you’d hope for your company to reach in the next 5 years.

  • Become the global industry currency across 30+ markets
  • Have SMI technology and infrastructure support all media organizations worldwide
  • By 2016 we will be running at over USD 400+ Mill in revenue.

Tell us one little known fact about you.

Whilst people think I am strongest at the sales element of our business, I am really a creative engineer. I am obsessed with fixing the infrastructure in our sector. Many of the back-end systems are completely broken, and building the new machine is what really gets me excited.