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Getting the most out of SPROCKIT from the words of corporate innovator, TEGNA

Continuing from last month’s post from SPROCKIT alumnus, AlertME, we spoke to a standout corporate innovator in the SPROCKIT community, TEGNA VP, Digital Audience Engagement Frank Mungeam.

What has been the most valuable aspect of SPROCKIT for TEGNA?

SPROCKIT has helped TEGNA accelerate  our digital transformation by making the process of discovering relevant, innovative startups more efficient for us.

SPROCKIT is about getting out what you put into the community. What would you suggest to others just getting started in SPROCKIT?

For both startups and established media companies, the added value comes through a give and take. Startups who are open to product feedback from media partners can rapidly iterate and improve the value of their business proposition; and media companies who are open to disruptive ideas can transform more quickly thanks to these startups.

How would you describe the atmosphere of the SPROCKIT community?

The SPROCKIT community is an engaged, energetic and collaborative group that blends the business of experienced business executives with creative, disruptive thinkers from startups.

Can you give an example of how the SPROCKIT community has benefited TEGNA?

An important goal for TEGNA has been to find new and exciting ways to connect with and engage our audiences across all the screens our stationsuse today for news. Our partnership with SPROCKIT has introduced us to several startups who are now vendor partners. Tagboard enables us to incorporate our users’ social media content into our broadcasts and online coverage; and Megaphone enables our viewers to vote via their phones in real time as they watch our programming.

What has been your favorite aspect of being a part of SPROCKIT?

I value the regular exposure through SPROCKIT to smart, innovative thinkers who have fresh ideas for how we can adapt and grow our businesses in the digital age.