SPROCKIT is excited to announce a new series highlighting our current startups and alumni called SPROCKIT Spotlight. Our goal is to create a space to continue to foster collaboration and support all of our SPROCKITeers, past and present. We will showcase a different SPROCKITeer each month.

We kick off the series with 2016 SPROCKIT alumni OwnLocal. OwnLocal works with local media to automate digital advertisements. Based in Austin, Texas, OwnLocal is thriving in their development, including its acquisition of Wanderful Media earlier this summer. Here is more on our first SPROCKIT Spotlight, OwnLocal, from the words of its founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust.


You are a 2016 SPROCKITeer. A year later, how has being a part of SPROCKIT helped OwnLocal?

SPROCKIT has solved a classic marketplace problem. It’s difficult to start a two-sided marketplace because it requires both buyers and sellers to come to one place with a shared goal. In our case as a technology startup, the “buyers” we need to connect with are media companies.

SPROCKIT is the only group that has successfully determined how to get actual decision makers from media companies to join together with the goal of learning from, working with, and innovating with technology startups in a way that’s suitable for them.

Through SPROCKIT introductions, we have experienced more high-level meetings that have moved the needle for us than through any other group we work with. We have developed relationships with at least five potential media partners, which would not have been possible without the SPROCKIT connection.

What is the biggest benefit of being part of SPROCKIT?

The biggest benefit of being a part of SPROCKIT was having access to the right people.

One of the challenges which arises when trying to work with media companies is tracking down who the decision maker is. The job titles in the industry vary between each organization. The right person for us to connect with might have the title of Director, VP, President of Digital, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Local Officer, Head of Ad Sales, Head of Local Digital Content, etc.

With so many varying job titles, it’s difficult to know who we should speak with to move the needle.

Through SPROCKIT, there have been several occasions where we have been introduced to the right person, and were able to move forward with a partnership very quickly, after having spent years talking to the wrong people at the same company.

The biggest benefit of being part of SPROCKIT is the assurance that we are talking to the right people on day one.

Congratulations on your acquisition of Wanderful Media. What does this mean for OwnLocal?

Travidia (the company that became Wanderful Media) has been in existence for nearly 20 years and pioneered the process of extracting data from print ads to repurpose for an online audience.

This technology, which OwnLocal has separately developed, is a key piece of our proprietary stack. Our ability to extract the data from print, TV, and radio ads, is the first step in creating robust online campaigns. The more robust data we have in our database for every one of our local businesses, the more robust the output is.

Wanderful has been extracting and collecting data for much longer than we have, and they have data on more print ads than we have ever processed. This metadata is being used to enhance our machine learning / computer vision capabilities for automatically building local ad campaigns.

They have also developed more local taxonomies—both in the local sense and in the business-specific sense.

For example, they can extract data from auto dealership and real estate ads, something that is very challenging to do and which will be an excellent addition to our current platform. Through our acquisition of Wanderful, we can utilize their technology and data to improve our product.  

Furthermore, Wanderful has the ability to process national ads at the local level for major retailers. So a retailer like Kohl’s can have personalized ads for each region they operate in. This is a capability which we have wanted to add to our technology stack for some time.

What has been the biggest trend in the media industry this year? What do you see as the biggest disruption or adversity facing the industry?

I think one of the biggest problems with the media industry right now (especially in the United States) is how digital advertising is sold and implemented.

The advertisements on local media companies’ websites have made the user experience significantly decline. And it’s ironic because those ads don’t pay enough for the media company to make much of a profit.

A newspaper website can have more than 20 ad networks on it at one time. The average news website takes 15 seconds to load due to all of these ad networks, but the average visitor to a news site churns after three seconds of page load.

That shows they’re losing a lot of potential visitors due to advertising which isn’t even paying their bills.

It’s this very reason ad blockers are on the rise, and I think this year we will see a lot of people moving to Facebook and Google News—where local publishers give their news away for free—or to Google AMP Pages, which does not contain advertising.

When these websites become slower and slower, and experience less traffic, it creates a two-pronged problem. Number one, they’re getting less inventory because people are no longer using the site, and number two, they’re making less money.

I think media partners need to rethink the way they sell advertising on their website. They need to come together and create their own ad network, and significantly raise their prices. If a business wants to advertise on the very valuable local newspaper, radio, or TV station’s website, they should go directly through that media property. The businesses shouldn’t be able to buy local digital advertising programmatically or through Google, they should only buy it through that property or through some sort of a consortium.

If media partners can significantly raise their prices, and eliminate the problem of page-load time, this would increase the number of users, which would ultimately make them more money.

What is the most exciting part of OwnLocal’s future in the upcoming year?

We have an amazing product release coming out this year. Since 2010, the foundation of OwnLocal has been based around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is something every local business needs to care about and focus on.

This year, using the same core technology, we are adding the ability to automatically create digital display advertisements and social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all from a traditional print or broadcast ad. The digital ad looks like a banner ad, but has a faster load time and is Google AMP friendly.

This technology, which we’re calling Origami, has the ability to shape the future of local advertising.

Ending on a fun note: OwnLocal is based in Austin, Texas. Other than OwnLocal, what is the best company, musician, food product that has come out of Austin? (Remember, keep [it] weird)

I love Yeti Coolers and buy all of their gear. It’s a great brand, and their products and apparel are really well designed. The technology that keeps ice cold for days at a time borders on magic. I love the ethos around the company and that they are local to Austin. They make really solid products and it’s been great watching them grow.

I also really love the vodkas that come out of Austin, such as Deep Eddy and Dripping Springs Vodka, which is very clean and smooth. I used to really love Tito’s Vodka and anytime I would see it when I traveled (I’ve seen it in London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen) I would get a great feeling of pride seeing that logo and knowing it was from Austin. While I still love Tito’s, it’s almost too popular now. Maybe it’s the internal hipster in me, but now I’m more of a fan of Dripping Springs and Deep Eddy.

As far as musicians goes, Willie Nelson, by far, is one of the greatest musicians of all time. That guy can do whatever he wants. He’s a good person and has really great music.

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So long summer… well, we technically have a few more weeks, but everyone knows we reached the unofficial end of summer and start of fall.

What better way to celebrate fall and the foliage changing colors than a trip to New York in October? Better yet, make it a business trip by attending SPROCKIT Sync New York City and the NAB Show New York.

Many thanks to SamsungNEXT for graciously hosting us on October 17 as we gear up for another jam-packed day connecting SPROCKITeers to discuss the latest trends and issues affecting the media, entertainment and technology space.

After SPROCKIT Sync New York City, be sure to stick around for the NAB Show New York. SPROCKIT will be sponsoring the opening night reception, and managing director Stephanie Bauer Marshall will be presenting at the NAB Show on Wednesday afternoon before the Show ‘Em the Money: What Tech Startups Need to Know to Get to Yes panel.

Current SPROCKITeers, check out your email and Slack for a link to register for SPROCKIT Sync NYC and a special code for a complimentary ticket to the NAB Show New York.

Alumni, shoot emily@sprockitglory.com an email if you’re interested in attending either or both events. We have a limited number of spots available.

Suffering from Fear of Missing Out syndrome? Don’t! We’re now accepting new SPROCKIT startups and corporate partners on a rolling basis. Email stephanie@sprockitglory.com if you’re interested in joining as a corporate partner and click here to learn about our admission process for startups. We also appreciate recommendations and introductions. The best startups and corporate partners often come from referrals!

SPROCKIT is accepting new startups and corporate partners on a rolling basis. Apply by September 13 to be part of our upcoming SPROCKIT Sync NYC and NAB Show New York.

We are the global community that curates, connects and fosters collaboration between market-ready startups and media, entertainment and tech companies to drive innovation.

Why be part of SPROCKIT?

We’re selective. Throughout the year, a maximum of 30 established startups join our year-long program, based on the startup’s ability to solve an industry pain point. Corporate partners recognize the value of being selected to participate in the program.

We’re well connected. SPROCKIT hosts a variety of well-attended events throughout the year to foster communication and collaboration among our corporate partners and participating startups.

  • These include quarterly day-long Syncs – including our next one in New York City on October 17. Click here to check out highlights from our most recent SPROCKIT Sync Silicon Valley.
  • We also have a very special relationship with NAB show, the premiere organization for media, entertainment and tech companies. SPROCKITeers receive lots of perks at the NAB Shows in Las Vegas and New York, including demo space, private rooms, complimentary admission and more.

We’re results-oriented. Nearly all of our corporate members have made deals with participating startups, and SPROCKIT startups have collectively raised $100s of millions in funding from industry leaders.

Check out our corporate and startup brochures for more information.

Email stephanie@sprockitglory.com if you’re interested in joining as a corporate partner and click here to learn about our admission process for startups.

We also appreciate recommendations and introductions. The best startups and corporate partners often come from referrals!

At SPROCKIT, our mission is to connect leading media, entertainment and technology companies with market ready startups to bring new products, services and revenue models to market. We truly believe when one member succeeds, everyone does. Our community gets stronger and our mission is further validated.

With that in mind, we want to highlight a few SPROCKITeers – both current and alumni startups – who have been making moves in the industry recently.

Verizon Ventures, one of our corporate partners, and R/GA recently unveiled its first lineup of startups that will participate in the Verizon Media Tech Venture Studios program. Two of the eight startups – 25%! – were SPROCKITeers! Congratulations to ScoreStream and  Streamroot, who will each receive $100,000 in funding, space to operate in Verizon’s new Alley co-working space in New York City, access to teams at Oath for mentoring and partnership purposes and the opportunity to participate in a Demo Day in November.

“We’re so pleased to be part of Verizon and R/GA’s inaugural class of startups. The connections SPROCKIT provided, from just being selected for the program to meeting corporate partners at the NAB Show and SPROCKIT Sync events, helped us accelerate discussions and get noticed faster in Verizon’s worldwide search,” said Pierre-Louis Théron, co-founder and CEO at Streamroot.

It didn’t stop there for ScoreStream, who also partnered with the Associated Press and iHeartMedia to report high school sports scores on its media wire. In reporting the news, which will fast-track AP’s and iHeartRadio’s ability to report outcomes, Jim Kennedy, senior vice president for strategy and enterprise development at AP, noted, “We think ScoreStream’s crowdsourced solution for high-school sports scores is unmatched and we can break new ground together for the benefit of AP’s member news organizations and customers across the U.S.”

Congrats to ScoreStream and Streamroot for making big moves in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

SPROCKITeers, do you have news you want us to highlight? Shoot us a message at success@sprockitglory.com

Last month, SPROCKIT hosted our annual Technology Sync in Silicon Valley. SPROCKITeers representing both corporate and startup businesses convened at Google’s iconic Mountain View headquarters for a full day of collaboration, networking and discussions on new technologies advancing the media, technology and entertainment industries.

Check out the video from the event, as well as some of our favorite quotes!


“The energy in the room was incredible. I was blown away by the quality of the conversations among the community. With the media, technology and entertainment industries changing at the speed of light, it’s imperative that the key change makers are all in a room together, which is exactly what happened at SPROCKIT Sync” -Harry Glazer, founder and CEO of SPROCKIT

“SPROCKIT Syncs are always special because they bring together a lot of new companies and new entrepreneurs who have refreshing, revolutionary ideas. Young companies can come here and not just be exposed to the big companies, but really look at the young up and comers with compelling solutions. It really helps the competitive edge for companies like Verse to be able to look and see what would be the best solution for us. That’s one of the big values for SPROCKIT Sync” -Antonio Bolfo, co-founder and CEO of Verse

“I left with more than dozen valuable introduction and connections on both the corporate and startup sides. This was my first time participating at SPROCKIT Sync, and I’m already looking forward to the next one in October” -Chrissy Towle, manager, Global Partnerships for Google. 

Interested in joining SPROCKIT and participating in the next SPROCKIT Sync, being held October 17 in New York City? We’re now accepting both startups and corporate partners on a rolling basis. Click here to learn more.


Highlights from SPROCKIT Sync Silicon Valley

–SPROCKIT and NAB Show Welcome Five New Media, Entertainment and Technology Startups to Partnership Program–

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SPROCKIT, the leading program showcasing media, entertainment and technology startups in collaboration with NAB Show, today announced the newest startups selected to participate in SPROCKIT’s 2017 program. The companies were hand-selected by industry leaders to participate based on their potential to offer real solutions to challenges in today’s evolving market that many established media and entertainment companies face.

Now in its fifth year, SPROCKIT will convene the full 2017 class of industry-vetted emerging companies with its world-class corporate partners at its exclusive SPROCKIT Sync forum, being held July 19-20, 2017 at Google in Mountain View, California. Attendees will meet to collectively discuss new technologies that will advance the industry.

“With so much disruption occurring in the media, entertainment and technology industries, SPROCKIT is proud to facilitate accelerated innovation by connecting the right startups to our corporate companies to help them deliver business results,” said Harry Glazer, founder and CEO, SPROCKIT. “We continue to grow by focusing on quality and delivering positive results for all parties involved – both on the corporate and startup side.”

The new startups represent a variety of sectors with specific solutions for applications in areas such as advertising, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning and include:

  • AlertMe – An algorithm-based platform that helps publishers connect directly with readers through AI to create more engagement on an organic channel, drive first-party data and reduce traffic dependency on social media channels.
  • AppTek – A pioneer in automatic speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence that provides closed captioning, call center content discovery and mobile intelligent voice agent solutions to enterprises.
  • Graphika– A mapping platform that analyzes social media data to identify community-specific influencers, content and conversations.
  • SureWaves– An adtech pioneer that simplifies TV advertising globally with the first-of-its-kind programmatic TV offering Skynet.
  • VideoAmp – A data-driven software company that unites brand marketing across TV and digital, allowing advertisers and media owners to transact across every device to make both the advertising medium and message more effective.

View the full list of participating startups here.

SPROCKIT corporate partners include Google, Fox Networks Group, HCL Technologies, Hearst Television, Samsung NEXT, TEGNA Inc., Univision Communications Inc. and Verizon Digital Media Services.

Startups interested in participating in the SPROCKIT program are invited to apply here. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with accepted startups invited to participate in future SPROCKIT Syncs as well as be heavily featured at the annual NAB Show, the world’s largest media, entertainment and technology event.


SPROCKIT is the media, entertainment and technology alliance of corporate executives and industry-vetted emerging companies showcasing and collaborating on products, services and new revenue models. SPROCKIT, in collaboration with and support from the NAB Show, shines the spotlight on the industry’s most promising market-ready startups from around the world. Since its launch in 2013, more than 100 emerging companies have participated in SPROCKIT, many of which have experienced successful funding rounds, partnerships and acquisitions. Learn more at sprockitglory.com.

About NAB Show

NAB Show, April 7-12, 2018, is the world’s largest convention encompassing The M.E.T. Effect, the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. With 103,000 attendees from 166 countries and 1,700+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways. For complete details, visit www.nabshow.com.

About NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier advocacy association for America’s broadcasters. NAB advances radio and television interests in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Through advocacy, education and innovation, NAB enables broadcasters to best serve their communities, strengthen their businesses and seize new opportunities in the digital age. Learn more at www.nab.org.


For SPROCKIT Inquiries
Stephanie Marshall, 917-414-7303
For NAB Inquiries
Ann Marie Cumming, 202-429-5307

Celebrity Page, an American entertainment news program syndicated to over 150 TV stations and Reelz Channel announced today during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show that it has partnered with M2 Studios for content distribution across digital, social and upcoming OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms. The show, produced by Unconventional Studios, also announced that its OTT platform will be powered by the technology dotstudioPRO.

Celebrity Page will launch its advertiser-supported OTT network in May 2017, leveraging its content partnerships with Meredith Corp., TV Guide Magazine and M2 Studios’ Behind the Velvet Rope. M2 will be overseeing the new offering, which will cater to younger audiences, in an effort to tap into cord-cutters’ desire for original online programming.

The OTT network will broadcast original, long-form celebrity, pop culture, lifestyle and human interest series and specials across the landscape of digital platforms and devices. The network will offer more than 15 hours of original programming a month, including new programming daily, and a robust library of more than 75 hours of consumable content monthly for viewers who want their TV anywhere.

Since its launch on the linear TV platform in 2013, Celebrity Page has established itself as a consumer choice for behind the scenes celebrity access combined with years of editorial expertise and industry relationships to deliver a diverse, friendly format show on a daily basis. In addition to Celebrity Page’s established brand, viewers can look forward to original celebrity content from M2’s Behind the Velvet Rope and TV Guide Magazine. In addition, viewers can expect behind the scenes coverage of their favorite TV shows, awards shows, film festivals and red carpet premieres as well as insider access to a number of entertainment events.

“Expanding our digital footprint is a natural evolution for the Celebrity Page brand, where will can capture and engage new audiences and continue our mission to entertain fans in exciting and innovative ways,” said Mark Berryhill, Celebrity Page creator, co-owner and Senior Executive Producer. “We are excited about our new digital and social partnership with M2 Studios and our OTT focus with dotstudioPRO’s team which was able to take our vision and translated it seamlessly into an Over-The-Top experience in less than 8 weeks.”

“We’re excited to extend Celebrity Pages currently linear footprint and help them leverage the digital OTT space to reach existing and new audience on every devices, from one single dashboard,” said Joe Pascual, dotstudioPro’s CEO.  “We approach every partner like a startup to create the best workflow for companies to marry into their existing teams, without the need to scale up from a staff and cost perspective.”

Tom Molen, CEO of M2 added, “dotstudioPRO has been a wonderful partner for M2 Entertainment and Behind the Velvet Rope, and we are thrilled that Celebrity Page will now be using their ‘best in class’ platform to connect with new viewers on their preferred devices and OTT networks.”

About Unconventional Studios and Celebrity Page
Unconventional Studios produces TV shows and specials in the celebrity space as well as private label, branded video content and Live streaming specials, among other productions. Unconventional is most known for Celebrity Page, a daily ½ hour entertainment show airing on 150 TV stations reaching more than 500,000 every day. Unconventional has also produced one-hour primetime specials on Robin Williams, Prince, Joan Rivers and a forthcoming one on Mary Tyler Moore. Unconventional has production partnerships with TV Guide Magazine (reaching 12 million readers) and Meredith Corporation (reaching more than 80 million women a month with such brands as Martha Stewart, BHG, Shape, Parents, Rachel Ray, All Recipes and more).

About dotstudioPRO
dotstudioPRO is a next generation OVP enabling clients to launch their OTT Video Networks in as little as 8 weeks at a fraction of the cost of legacy OVP technologies. The cloud-based video SaaS platform enables content owners and network partners to deliver their content direct to consumers via their own branded websites, native apps and OTT channels, all controlled by one robust dashboard. For more information about dotstudioPRO, visit http://www.dotstudiopro.com, Facebook and Twitter.

About M2

M Squared Entertainment was founded with a singular mission: to create quality original or adapted content for distribution across all mediums – Internet, television, and theatrical. While primarily focused on producing proprietary content, M Squared works with select clients to help them articulate their vision into new media and assist them in connecting that media with the right audience. For the last 3 years, M Squared has produced “Behind the Velvet Rope with Arthur Kade”, an acclaimed celebrity interview show distributed across OTT networks and live streaming platforms.

ColorTV is an end-to-end platform for broadcasters to promote, personalize and attribute content on connected TVs and streaming devices

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ColorTV, an end-to-end platform for broadcasters to promote, personalize and attribute content on connected TVs and streaming devices, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Guidebox Inc, the OTT video search and discovery metadata provider to nearly 50 television brands.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“With Facebook, Google and Apple strongly entering into the TV market, we help ensure TV network revenues and distribution on OTT and mobile do not become eroded by this new competition set,” said Giancarlo Maniaci, CEO of ColorTV.  “The key to success in the new TV landscape is simple: increase viewership and retain each customer through a premier personalized user experience while optimizing monetization. This is easier said than done, and combining the Guidebox team and technology with ColorTV creates an even stronger solution for our clients.”

Guidebox, which will operate under the “Guidebox by ColorTV” label, is a technology that enables TV viewers to search for and discover TV programming on connected TV platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Home, Android, iOS, and web.  Guidebox was founded in 2012, bootstrapped with a $350,000 investment by its founder and CEO, Jeremy Riney, followed by a seed round in 2013 by a group of private investors including Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum. Today, Guidebox data touches over 50M US households.

ColorTV’s SDK and suite of analytics tools already power over 300 apps and major brands on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. This acquisition gives the company access to Guidebox’s long list of customers including Ericsson, Synacor, WWE, Fandor and various Lionsgate streaming services such as Tribeca Shortlist and Comic-Con HQ.  It also enables ColorTV to combine its expertise in analytics, retention and content promotion with valuable search data so that TV networks can gain even more insight into their users and how best to monetize them and increase viewership.

“We are excited to join the ColorTV team, as our combined platform offerings will add intrinsic value to TV networks and current customers alike,” said Riney. “The TV industry is changing rapidly, and ColorTV’s product combined with our data and partnerships will give video platforms the deepest insight and control on what their users are watching, how long they watch it, and what content to promote to them.”

ColorTV will be exhibiting at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 23-27.  To set up a meeting please contact ks@colortv.com.

About ColorTV
Founded in 2016 and based in Los Angeles, ColorTV is the end-to-end platform for broadcasters to promote, personalize and attribute content on connected TVs. ColorTV’s platform provides a diverse suite of data, discovery and analytics solutions for Connected TV, built to empower networks to compete in the new connected TV ecosystem. According to NPD Group, approximately 50 million homes in the U.S. now own a connected TV or streaming device. ColorTV is venture backed, with $1.5 million in seed funding led by Foxconn. For more information about ColorTV, go to www.colortv.com.

Lisa Langsdorf 
(347) 645-0484


Ann Marie Cumming
Harry Glazer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — SPROCKIT and NAB Show today announced the final group of start-ups selected to participate in SPROCKIT’s 2017 program. The companies were hand-selected by industry leaders to participate based on their potential to offer real solutions to challenges in today’s evolving market that many established media and entertainment companies face.

Now in its fifth year, SPROCKIT will showcase industry-vetted emerging companies at NAB Show, held April 22-27, 2017 in Las Vegas, and convene throughout the year at SPROCKIT Sync, a series of day-long private forums where industry executives and entrepreneurs meet to collectively discuss new technologies that will advance the industry. Since its launch in 2013, more than 100 emerging companies have participated in SPROCKIT, many of which have experienced successful funding rounds, partnerships and acquisitions.

“The 2017 cohort of SPROCKIT start-ups is amazing! Along with our industry leading corporate partners, they are revolutionizing the future of the media and entertainment industry,” said SPROCKIT Founder and CEO Harry Glazer.

The start-ups invited to participate at NAB Show represent a variety of sectors with specific solutions for applications in areas such as advertising, analytics, mobile content production and content delivery. The final group of start-ups joining the 2017 SPROCKIT program include:

  • City Spark is a digital content and software service that uses proprietary technology to provide media companies with comprehensive local event listings and effective monetization tools.
  • CogniK is a cloud-based personalized content distribution platform that allows publishers to seamlessly personalize connections between individual content and audiences.
  • DivvyCloud is a unified cloud management and automation technology.
  • Elastic Media drives additional revenue and reduces costs for major media companies. Created using a combination of deep learning and native gesture controls, it is responsive to each user’s engagement and tailored to each of their devices.
  • Livescale allows content creators to broadcast livestreams to any web, app and most social media platforms simultaneously.
  • NGCodec – Creator of RealityCodec, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality cloud encoding applications.
  • Pixability provides advanced audience targeting and insights, simplified campaign management, and complete reporting across social video platforms.
  • Quintype’s smart CMS allows clients to create content easily across mobile, social and desktop, and also provides the means to engage and derive insights from specific audiences.
  • Transform Inc. is the first cloud-based big data analytics platform designed specifically for enterprise revenue acceleration.
  • Valossa is AI powered video analysis for content discovery and monetization.
  • Verse is a free and interactive video platform that empowers creators.
  • VoiceQ is an innovative software solution for post-production audio replacement.
  • YouFirst is a professional tool that utilizes machine learning, emotion detection and data report automatization to optimize video production.
  • ZPEG improves the performance of existing compressors as a workflow add-in without requiring costly infrastructure changes.

View the other participating start-ups here.

Applications for participation with SPROCKIT at NAB Show are no longer being accepted. However, SPROCKIT CEO Harry Glazer will meet with interested start-ups during on-site Office Hours – Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the SPROCKIT Hub – to discuss the application process for the remainder of the year. For additional information, contact info@sprockitglory.com.

SPROCKIT is created in collaboration with World Series of Startups, LLC and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). SPROCKIT corporate partners include: Cox Media Group, Fox Networks Group, HCL Technologies, Hearst Television, Samsung NEXT, TEGNA Inc., Univision Communications Inc., and Verizon Digital Media Services.

For additional information about SPROCKIT, visit sprockitglory.com.