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“We participated in SPROCKIT events for the first time in 2017 and have already seen tangible results, connecting with innovative thought leaders and the next generation of amazing startups. We are excited to see what fresh, new innovations they will bring to propel the industry forward.”
– Mary Kay Evans , Chief Marketing Officer, Verizon Digital Media Services, SPROCKIT Corporate Member

“…It’s still paying off for us.”
– Molly Cernicek, CEO, Sportxast, SPROCKIT Company

“We launched our company at SPROCKIT/NAB in 2014.  Three years later, we have grown our business with SPROCKIT partners and have also received strategic financing from several of those same partners.  We look forward to continuing to add value where we can to the SPROCKIT community in future events.”
– Chris Kraft, CEO, Share Rocket, Inc., SPROCKIT Company

“Google’s Channel Sales team is excited to join SPROCKIT to help us further our commitment to helping the Broadcast industry embrace digital. SPROCKIT is a new and dynamic vehicle to discuss and hear directly from the Broadcasters as well as industry startups who share the vision of enabling the collaboration of traditional and digital media. Google is dedicated to developing a strong partnership with the Broadcast space and the association with SPROCKIT is another testament to that goal.”
– Christine Merritt, Head of Business Development & Partnerships Channel Sales North America Google, SPROCKIT Founding Member

“TEGNA Media is partnering with numerous SPROCKIT startups and results are powerful!  SPROCKIT has been a valuable partner to cultivate and curate companies who can offer a fresh perspective, creativity and innovative services to help solve for industry change, technological disruption and to harness new business opportunities.”

– TEGNA Media, SPROCKIT Corporate Member

“Tribune Broadcasting is proud to be a founding corporate member of SPROCKIT which will allow us to engage with the top innovators and game-changers in the media and entertainment industry and to help shape the media landscape as it continues to evolve.”
– Larry Wert, President, Tribune Broadcasting, SPROCKIT Founding Member

“Although people constantly talk about the “Golden Age of Television”, the Golden of Media Technology is still on the horizon. SPROCKIT is helping to identify the next generation of innovators and industry changing technology. It is exciting to participate in this important initiative that will so greatly benefit media companies, technologists, entrepreneurs and consumers alike.”
– Larry Irving, president and CEO of the Irving Information Group, SPROCKIT Thought Leader

“Fifteen years ago, I first attended NAB as founder of a tech start-up where I spent all my energy trying to get noticed;  Now I spend lots of time in my corporate role sifting through hundreds of early stage companies to find ones to partner with that have something disruptive to offer broadcasters.  SPROCKIT solves both problems.”
– Roger Keating, SVP Digital Media, Hearst Television, SPROCKIT Founding Member

“We were very happy to have joined SPROCKIT. It proved to be efficient and highly collaborative – an invaluable experience bridging a diverse group of media and entertainment executives.”
– Michael Willner, CEO of Penthera; CEO of Greatland Communications, Former chairman of the NCTA, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT is well-known for identifying the hottest tech companies in media and entertainment and helped put the spotlight on Unruly during a very crowded NAB show. SPROCKIT’s Innovation Stage was an excellent platform for Unruly’s data on using TV promos to drive millennials to watch TV shows – we won the popular vote for Best of Show! And with SPROCKIT’s support we were able to develop strategic partnerships that lasted long after NAB show ended.”
– Scott Button, Unruly founder & co-CEO, SPROCKIT Company

“We were delighted to be invited to participate in their SPROCKIT’s debut at NAB in 2013.  Our participation not only opened the doors to one of our Series A investors and the NAB organization, but also through the SPROCKIT Hub we met a number of broadcasters, entrepreneurs and media insiders that have helped our business grow and build valuable partnerships with the media industry over the past year.”
– Christopher Thorpe, CEO, Philo (previously Tivli), SPROCKIT Company

“We left SPROCKIT with a higher profile, greater momentum and a new set of friends of advisors that we’ve turned to repeatedly during a year of real growth.”
– John West, CEO, The Whistle, SPROCKIT Company

“At Univision, driving innovation is one of our key priorities which is why we are proud to say that we are a founding member  of SPROCKIT.”
– Kevin Cuddihy, President, Local Media, Univision Communications Inc., SPROCKIT Founding Member

“If we care about the NAB Show…if we care about this industry then we need to keep seeding it with the leaders of tomorrow and that’s you!  We are so pleased to be associated with SPROCKIT.”
– Gordon Smith, President & CEO, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

“SPROCKIT provided a rocket lift-off for AudioAir at NAB Show. We were exposed to many companies and individuals that we would never have had the opportunity to meet without being a SPROCKIT company. The SPROCKIT organizers and community were supportive and collaborative and we look forward to ongoing meetings and opportunities.”
– Doug Parmentier, VP of Business Development, AudioAir, SPROCKIT Company

“The best 10K I ever spent!”
– Tom Morgan, Founder & CEO, Net2TV, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT did an amazing job being a magnet for us at NAB. Their efforts before and during NAB made such a difference in drawing attendees to our booth. We had a higher profile and greater credibility because of our presence in the SPROCKIT pavilion. As a result, we left with literally hundreds of leads and a dozen or more significant strategic opportunities. It was the best show ever for us.”
– Tom Curran, Co-Founder & CEO, Paladin, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT has given us access, at a very reasonable price, to key targets in TV and other media.   The program has been thought out carefully to maximize the benefit for all the parties.   It has been the most valuable such group we have been involved in”
– Henry Lawson, CEO, AutoGraph (previously nFluence), SPROCKIT Company

“The great opportunity through SPROCKIT came from the ability to shorten the business development and sales cycle by linking companies with industry leaders who knew exactly the problems they were trying to solve. For start-ups time is never an ally and these linkages shortened the time.”
– Lou Aronson, Founder & CEO, Discourse Analytics, SPROCKIT Company

“As regular media and entertainment related shows exhibitors, SPROCKIT has been our most productive event yet. We’ve held quality office hour meetings and made contact with major organizations and key player media executives that otherwise would have taken more effort and time.”
– JR Alaoui, Founder & CEO, Eyeris, SPROCKIT Company

“The SPROCKIT program afforded us a tremendous opportunity to get in front of the leaders of the media industry. We met with more than 10 companies at the top of our target list and had one-on-one discussions with some of their most senior executives. The high-visibility, centrally located SPROCKIT pavilion at the NAB also attracted some unexpected and valuable visitors to our booth. Being part of the select group of SPROCKIT companies has, so far, helped us raise our visibility in the media industry.” 
– Nikos Iatropoulos, CEO & Co-Founder, Lingospot, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT was the ideal launchpad for Share Rocket. It was really a trade show within a trade show allowing us to create a deep dialogue with real strategic partners and and customers. SPROCKIT at NAB exceeded our expectations by a mile.”
– Chris Kraft, Founder & CEO, ShareRocket, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT gave us a strong platform to promote our company to decision makers at the NAB Show.” 
– Kim Wilson, Founder, Social News Desk, SPROCKIT Company

“SPROCKIT is a great way to bump shoulders with high level executives, the kind that are really hard to reach without an introduction. Sprockit puts your startup front and center with the right people who are genuinely interested in helping. It’s a one of a kind opportunity for any startup.” 
– Brett Kokinadis, COO, SportXast, SPROCKIT Company

“I truly believe that SPROCKIT can be a transformational hub for the industry. With so much clutter and noise in both the media and technology sectors, it is critical to have a unbiased central zone that can highlight and nurture businesses that will shape our future.”
– Sue Fennessy, Founder & CEO, Standard Media Index, SPROCKIT Company

“I am delighted to be supporting the SPROCKIT Sync discussions on the opportunities to create value through new digital products and services”
– John Rose, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Global Media and Entertainment and US Private Equity Practices, The Boston Consulting Group, SPROCKIT Thought Leader

“The NAB-SPROCKIT initiative has the promise to deliver fresh solutions and enduring partnerships to many of the intransigent challenges facing broadcasters today. In fact, many of the startups that were showcased and identified  by SPROCKIT a year ago have proven to be some of the most creative forces in helping broadcasters to capture the latest digital opportunities. We are delighted to be collaborating with SPROCKIT to advance the digital savvy of our clients and the industry at large. ”
 – Seth Geiger, President & Founder, SmithGeiger LLC, SPROCKIT Thought Leader

“The speed of the evolution that content distribution is experiencing has been breathtaking on many levels.  Emerging enterprises populated with forward looking thinkers pose challenges to all of us in terms of being open to embracing concepts and ideas that are transforming our industry.  Having a collection of dedicated and industry aware executives committed to a dialogue and a validation process that helps aid greater visibility of these best-of-breed game changing entrepreneurs to the broader industry is of immense value to all of us.  SPROCKIT, its members and its collection of thought leaders have a meaningful mission and mandate, and it is with great expectations that I embrace being a part of this endeavor.”
– Thomas J. Connolly, Global Media & Entertainment Leader, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, SPROCKIT Thought Leader

“Having an organization like SPROCKIT to set up interviews, set-up media, set -up meetings, get you lists of people for you to talk to, have exposure on the stage, getting your pitches in front of the relevant people at the relevant moment has been really, really incredible.”
– Heidi Messer, Co-Founder & Chairman, Collective[i], SPROCKIT Company

“This is a big show.  They’ve opened the doors to the start-ups…those with new technology, so we can get first look and potentially even invest.”
– John May, Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus Angel Capital Association, SPROCKIT Supporter

“Serving the special needs of entrepreneurs is one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. As such, we are delighted to be a supporter of SPROCKIT, which shares our passion for helping businesses – and business owners – grow and flourish. SPROCKIT’s ability to connect industry giants, entrepreneurs and mentors has been nothing short of astonishing.”
– Douglas Wolford, President & Chief Operating Officer, Convergent Wealth Advisors, SPROCKIT Sponsor

“This has been amazing.  There is exposure on panels, on stage and the people we are running into are great contacts. Great conversations. It’s been super valuable, possibly leading to big deals.”
– Raj Aggarwal, CEO, Localytics, SPROCKIT Company

 “Our experience was fantastic. It’s an incredible platform. It has the amplification effect, which is fantastic. It’s a better ecosystem.”
– Erika Trautman, Co-Founder & CEO, Flixmaster, SPROCKIT Company

“What SPROCKIT has done is amazing!  I made some top connections that couldn’t have been made without SPROCKIT.  We’ve been elevated with SPROCKIT.  They’re doing PR and we don’t even have to leave the (SPROCKIT Hub) area.”
– Hilary DeCesare, Co-Founder & CEO, Everloop, SPROCKIT Company

“The best conversations that I’ve been a part of are when I put an entrepreneur in the room with someone who’s been in the industry for 25 years and you just watch them interact. You see how they started from a long ways apart, and didn’t understand each other, to this close and they both leave with ‘A-Ha’ moments.”
– Balaji Gopinath – Vice-President, Turner Broadcasting, SPROCKIT Founding Member

“Great opportunity for technology/media companies to meet the movers and shakers in the broadcast and media industries.”
– Kay Koplovitz, Chairman, Springboard Enterprises & Founder, USA Networks, SPROCKIT Supporter

“SPROCKIT was a great home base for us at NAB Show.  The physical space, the connections and visibility they helped create gave us a solid launching point to have a successful show.”
– Mike Folgner, Co-Founder and CEO of SnappyTV, SPROCKIT Company