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What a week at NAB Show Las Vegas! While the desert dust settles from another amazing SPROCKIT Hub, we wanted to thank those who helped make this event such a success and relive some of the highlights along the way.

The Destination NXT stage hosted excellent panels, with at least one visitor saying one of our panels was “the best thing I’ve seen all week!” Thank you to our startups, thought leaders and corporate partners for making our panels such a hit.

Thanks to Switchboard Live, Streann and Wildmoka onsite for helping us share our panels on our social channels and homepage. Many others contributed with their own expertise – Excitem for voting, Tagboard for social, ICX Media for videos, **Mobile for **GO – thank you all for your help in supporting SPROCKIT with these services.

You can relive the excitement by finding your panel on SPROCKIT.TV powered by TradeCast TV. You can also download the SPROCKIT.TV app by searching “SPROCKIT TV” in the app store.

A special congratulations to our Best of SPROCKIT winners, Liftigniter, Overcast HQ, Promethean.TV, Seek, Tellyo.

The SPROCKIT Hub tradition as a standout destination, attracting the right Fortune 500 executives, media and influencers lives on.

Our corporate members collectively said the current class is one of the strongest cohorts yet! 

Our next SPROCKIT Sync meeting is at Google on July 18th, at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Are you a SPROCKITeer? Find out how you can become one by contacted managing directory Stephanie Bauer Marshall today at

Thank you to those who are already part of the SPROCKIT Rock-IT Community! Ready for take off…