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SPROCKIT Spotlight: Introducing SPROCKIT.TV powered by TradeCast

SPROCKIT and TradeCast launched SPROCKIT.TV, an OTT platform, earlier this year as a way to showcase videos from across the SPROCKIT Community.

TradeCast joined SPROCKIT in 2017 and returned to the SPROCKIT Hub in 2018 as an active alumnus. Read from the words of TradeCast storyteller Kenneth Stamp about our exciting new collaborative platform.


The online TV channel SPROCKIT TV is a platform where all SPROCKIT startups, alumni and the SPROCKIT corporate partners can connect and broadcast their innovations to a worldwide audience. It’s the first of its kind and the perfect platform to showcase  and celebrate the creativity, entrepreneurship and inventiveness of SPROCKIT companies and connect startups to a network of corporate partners. Platform interactivity, powered by TradeCast, makes it possible for startups to direct viewers to their company website or have startups submit content directly to the video platform from the SPROCKIT TV iOS and Android apps.

SPROCKIT TV was the logical first step in the collaboration between TradeCast and SPROCKIT. As a SPROCKIT alumnus, TradeCast has had the opportunity to present itself on a global stage and connect with lots of inspiring, creative startups and corporates in the OTT landscape. What TradeCast and SPROCKIT discovered along the way is that an online video platform designed specifically to broadcast all this innovation had been missing. That realization stood at the basis of launching SPROCKIT TV, SPROCKIT’s own online TV channel with one very important mission: connecting, curating and fostering collaboration across media, entertainment and tech.

We look forward to growing SPROCKIT TV and developing the platform to become the global one-stop-shop for OTT and online video inventiveness. If you are a SPROCKIT startup or alumnus and are interested in promoting yourself on SPROCKIT TV, feel free to contact SPROCKIT to make this happen.

If you are a SPROCKIT startup or alumnus and are interested in promoting yourself on SPROCKIT TV, feel free to contact SPROCKIT to make this happen.

About TradeCast:

TradeCast is a tech company based in Zwolle, The Netherlands that has created a unique end-to-end SaaS solution that lets you easily manage, distribute and monetize your own video content delivery network. TradeCast creates both frontend online video environments and extensive backend databases for publishers, sports clubs, entrepreneurs, YouTubers and more. The TradeCast technology offers the unique combination of cloud linear TV, on-demand categorization and live broadcast capabilities. 

Users can easily increase interactivity with their target audience thanks to the many options for video interactivity and e-commerce on the TradeCast platform, for example with in-video buying and user generated content. With TradeCast you are fully in control of audience data and therefore finally able to create strong new revenue models with online video content. Programmatic, targeted advertising can also easily be added, to offer the ultimate icing on the cake.

TradeCast was founded in October 2015 in The Netherlands and made its worldwide debut on the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2017. At the NAB Show in April 2017, TradeCast was named ‘Best of TV Technology’ and also won a ‘Best of Show’ Award. In 2018, TradeCast will open its first US-based offices in Los Angeles, California.

The video below will give you more insight into the TradeCast platform and its features: 

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