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The way people watch television has already changed and it’s about time that media advertising models catch up to the current trends. Large media organizations are looking to tech for innovative solutions on how to effectively target viewers.

During NAB Show, startup program SPROCKIT brought together a panel of experts on digital advertising to share ideas and discuss ways respective companies can collaborate. As consumers continue to demand for more control over how they consume content, advertisers need more to work with as they create campaigns across multiple devices, linear television, and social media platforms.

“If you’re in advertising and you want to reach millennials, you really need to see what people are watching on YouTube,” said Jon Sofield, Head of Business Development SMB Channels, Google.

Change is here, and awareness is the first step to being prepared. Just this week, Variety reported that Time Warner and Viacom announced they are changing the way they approach certain advertisers, moving away from the industry standard of using Nielsen ratings. Instead, advertisers will look at consumer behavior and how viewers interact with a campaign.

“Creating a feeling of authenticity can be very difficult for a brand,” explained Scott Button, Founder of Unruly. “That’s why you need to create great content.


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“During the Super Bowl this year, I saw a shift to Facebook for video advertisement,” said Sean Muller, Founder of “You need a good creative and good timing.”

The challenge for media advertisers is being able to create content that is more compelling that a cat skateboarding, that is relevant in various platforms. It starts with understanding the different audiences and how they engage with content.

“The most important thing is to offer value for the customers,” said Alisson Pedro, Head of Traditional Media and NYC Site Lead, Channel Sales, Google.



Tech.Co is proud to announce our media partnership with the SPROCKIT startup hub at the NAB Show April 11-16 in Las Vegas this year, produced by The National Association of Broadcasters.

Image Credit: Flash.Pro on Flickr