Seth Geiger
President & Founder
SmithGeiger, LLC

“The NAB-SPROCKIT initiative has the promise to deliver fresh solutions and enduring partnerships to many of the intransigent challenges facing broadcasters today. In fact, many of the startups that were showcased and identified  by SPROCKIT a year ago have proven to be some of the most creative forces in helping broadcasters to capture the latest digital opportunities. We are delighted to be collaborating with SPROCKIT to advance the digital savvy of our clients and the industry at large. ”

PatrickDonoghueEmmysPatrick J. Donoghue
Entertainment and Tech

“Media and technology are converging now more than ever as digital content creation and distribution have become the norm and technology has democratized  an industry that was ruled by a few large companies. I feel that SPROCKIT is crucial in bringing together companies big and small to drive innovation in product development and new business opportunities.”

duceyRick Ducey, Ph.D.
Managing Director

“There is so much innovation in the media and related industries start-up community, it’s hard to track and vet all the relevant players and activities. SPROCKIT provides a relevant and compelling lens in the start-up world for busy media industry executives to quickly understand and evaluate the potentially disruptive and/or complementary businesses being developed and launched. SPROCKIT always provides a platform for partners, investors and potential buyers to meet. And of course, it never hurts to keep an eye on the competition or find places to recruit new talent.”

Alan L. Wolk
Lead Analyst at TV[R]EV

Gay Bell
CEO and Founder

Tim Hanlon
Founder and CEO
FTI Consulting

 “The television industry is in the midst of a period of dramatic and turbulent change – and the rules of survival are being rewritten seemingly by the day. How legacy media brands adapt, and how emerging firms innovate is the concentric stuff of which SPROCKIT is made – there is no better environment for each to discover, mutually, what the future holds.” 


Allison Dollar
Interactive Television Alliance

“SPROCKIT’s model harnesses the industry’s frenetic pace by hand delivering innovation to market makers. By combining a careful curation process with brisk, practical matching, SPROCKIT’s alchemy makes real business magic.  We love that at the ITA, because when we founded the organization in 2002 to accelerate deployment of advanced television, we consciously structured it to support candid interchange between all stakeholders–content, advertising, technology and distribution. Our hallmark has been facilitating high energy deal making in boutique settings, as SPROCKIT does. It’s a perfect fit, and we’re excited to contribute to the pipeline.”

Marci Weisler
CEO and Co-founder

Steven Cook
Thought Leader
Advisor to SPROCKIT

Tom Goodwin headshotTom Goodwin
Head of Innovation
Zenith The ROI Agency

 “While there has never been a more exciting time to work in advertising, it’s rare to find gatherings that bring the best and brightest from around the industry together to discuss the big topics and to smash ideas together. SPROCKIT brings a wide group of people from a variety of fields together in a punchy creative whirlpool where ideas are shared and great things happen. It’s a delight to take part and drive the future agenda of advertising forward together.”

John Rose
Senior Partner & Managing Director, Global Media and Entertainment and US Private Equity Practices
The Boston Consulting Group

 “I am delighted to be supporting the SPROCKIT Sync discussions on the opportunities to create value through new digital products and services”

Ken's headshotKenneth Williams
Executive Director & CEO
Entertainment Technology Center @ USC

“As an industry sponsored think tank and research center, the Entertainment Technology Center @ USC brings together senior executives, innovators, thought leaders and academics to explore the impact of new technologies on the creation and distribution of content.  As such, we look to the start up community for innovation and thought leadership in helping to solve industry challenges and exploit new business models and opportunities.  The NAB-SPROCKIT initiative promises to create greater visibility for these game changing new business initiatives which will serve not only our sponsor companies, but the industry at large, and the ETC @ USC is excited to partner in these activities.”

Larry Irving
President & CEO
The Irving Group

“Although people constantly talk about the “Golden Age of Television”, the Golden Age of Media Technology is still on the horizon. SPROCKIT is helping to identify the next generation of innovators and industry changing technology. It is exciting to participate in this important initiative that will so greatly benefit media companies, technologists, entrepreneurs and consumers alike.”

Lew Rose
Managing Partner
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

“There’s nothing more exciting for a professional services firm than to be involved, even in small part, with the success of a start-up company.  We’re pleased to be able to be a member of the SPROCKIT community and to assist start-ups in navigating the waters of the entertainment and media industries in sync with the titans of such industries.  We’re hopeful that the connections and networks we help create through SPROCKIT will endure over time and that we will witness the evolution of viable companies to provide jobs, drive economic growth and give back to their community.”

Seth Shapiro

Seth Shapiro
Principal, New Amsterdam Media | Board of Governors, The Television Academy | Adjunct Professor, USC
New Amsterdam Media

There are more forces in play now – cultural, technological and economic – than at any time in the history of media. The need to lead and follow audiences is now as important as the creation of content itself.  SPROCKIT is carving out a vital role by bringing together leaders in technology, programming and advertising, to give its members an invaluable launch point for new ideas and partnerships.

Harold S. Geller
Executive Director

“SPROCKIT is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to demonstrate new and innovative technologies in our field. As cross-platform advertising becomes the industry standard, it is crucial that we implement streamlined and individualized operations, administration and management. Ad-ID’s unique asset identification provides valuable analytics and tracking – both must-haves to compete in the digital space.”

Rick Howe

“I have participated in  SPROCKIT’s terrific NAB Hub for two years, and it has proven to be a terrific showcase for start-up companies in the advanced television space.  But more importantly, the SPROCKIT NAB Hub attracts prospective customers and builds business. I am proud to have been asked to join SPROCKIT as a Thought Leader! 

Tom Flanagan
Founding Partner

“I have seen first hand how SPROCKIT has identified and helped accelerate the careers of numerous innovators and their companies. I very much look forward to playing a role with SPROCKIT in helping these emerging companies move forward faster.”

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