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SPROCKIT’s esteemed startups, established corporate partners and select thought leaders from around the world gathered together in sunny Los Angeles on February 8 for the first SPROCKIT Sync of the year. Hosted by Verizon Digital Media Services at their Oath facilities in Playa Vista, participants engaged in thought provoking conversations about the future of OTT content, disruptive advertising, content discovery and much more.

A highlight of each sync, startup and corporate members connected for 1:1 meetings, 15 minute conversations for the parties to determine how they can best work together. Newcomers like Skreens and SpherePlay wowed with their innovative solutions for multiple videos in one screen and virtual reality solutions, respectively, while returning startups used the opportunity to provide partnership updates.

For the first time, we closed the day with an award ceremony honoring alumni program graduates. It was a spectacular opportunity to hear startups like VydeoCorp and YouFirst share the impact SPROCKIT has had on their businesses.

All in all, it was a fantastic and productive day!