Thought Leaders

n. [THôt ˈlēdər] highly respected experts, analysts and advisors who help our community prepare for the future of media and entertainment. They’ve led companies as c-suite executives or built their own as founders. They are also fantastic ambassadors, advisors and networkers.

Seth Geiger

Founder, SmithGeiger, LLC

Larry Irving

President & CEO, The Irving Group

Allison Dollar

CEO , Interactive TV alliance

Jennifer Byrne

President, Quesnay Inc.

Patrick Donoghue

Founder, Next Stop Willoughby

Gay Bell

CEO & Founder, Platform PR

Rick Ducey, PhD

Managing Director, BIA Advisory

Alan L. Wolk

Co-Founder, TVREV

Tim Hanlon

EO & Founder, The Vertere Group

Marci Weisler

Principal, MW Advisory

Steve Cook

Lead Mentor, The FARM, Comcast

Tom Goodwin

EVP, Zenith